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So, I awoke post mope from last night after a fantastically vivid dream.
I was in a gambling town of a tumbledown old wild western (do you capitalise this?) construction; buildings scattered everywhere and I was there for a gambling spree, quite why I have no idea although someone did ask if I gambled the other day and I decided not, as occasionally paying idiot tax doesn't really count as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, partway through exploring the place I found a used army sales store where I started to try and decide which cut-price camo outfit to buy, for some reason I was going to buy a full Multicam loadout, which I've never considered before.
But then my friend who I was with said they had someone who could buy it for me cheap (although I can't remember the name of their friend) this friend of theirs immediately dialed me by video phone and turned out to be a giant sausage.
At this point everyone in the world transformed into a mini-llama (less that a foot high, so cuuuute!) and I started chasing after my friend who was running away from something, we broke into a warehouse whereupon a horde of black clad ninja mini-llamas attacked us; my friend escaped through a window and I had to fight the ninja mini-llamas off.
When I finally got outside my friend had vanished, they left something behind but I can't remember what it was.

In other news still single, my ceiling is full of aspestos and I broke a tooth on my homemade toffee, bah.

Finally, for those skimming past, here's something for you to click on and contribute to the science of the world:

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Every now and then I get to remember a dream, now given that I sometimes have trouble what I did yesterday this is a nice surprise.
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