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Looking for a good Trance night somewhere, preferably in the South East region, anyone know somewhere that's worth eating six packets of fruit pastels for and dancing like I'm possessed?

Plus if anyone is interested in going to one of these I'd likely be able to provide a lift from Cambridge for it :)
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Back from London and pretty knackered

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Music misc

Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:05 am
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DJing at the Calling tonight; if you want something played bring it along - or request it here. :)

Right, off to Nodnol.
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It occurs to me that quite often the first time I listen to a song I don't actually listen to the words at all, I sort of disjoint my listening and just hear what the feel of it is, how the song flows. Take for example There goes the neighbourhood by Sheryl Crow, it's a pleasant little soft song but the chorus has an almost half step gear change that grabs you and pulls you back into it, it's my musical discovery (so to speak) of the day from my collection.
It also reminds me of Roads by Portishead, a longstanding favourite song of mine that I had no idea what the words were, what the song was about or indeed much else about it for at least half a year after first hearing it (thank you Tank Girl) but the whole feel of the song was just so deliciously bittersweet it practically wore kohl.
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Anyone know a way I can grab some streaming A/V media and dump it to a file?
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It's a sign of the times, perhaps, when I comment on the gig I went to last night and the conversation goes something like:

Me: Went to a great gig last night, Marillion.
Colleague: What, Fish?
Me: He hasn't been with the band for over 15 years.
Colleague: So?


Anyway, they don't need Fish, they don't need his endless whiney poem like ballads and woeful laments (good as they are in places) regarding his various ex girlfriends.
Oh no.
Marillion are the second longest band (after Dire Straits) that I've fanboyed at, I've had my on and off periods but just about anything they've done, I'll like. And so despite the fact that nearly half the tracks they played last night I didn't actually immediately recognise it didn't matter because they've been working with their "new" frontman now for nearly 20 years and they bloody well know how to put together a prog rock track that is f*cking good.
So there.

Also, happily, the supporting band King Rat were also very good, took them a track or two to get into it (they were obviously a little nervous) but the enthusiastic response from the crowd, which they heartily deserved, really got them into it. They actually complimented Marillion very well, good fusion of music with some interesting ideas and speed changes, plus excellent bassline and a drummer who obviously takes inspiration from Animal from the muppets.

Overall: Rah!

In other news, life is confusing but generally half-full, not exactly sure about some things but then where would the fun be in that? (ha)
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Ah you devious little sun, peeping out on a blue sky like that; good morning, happy Friday and so much for those naysayers at the met office, looks like it's going to be a big beautiful day.
Daymn, I feel like a breakfast show DJ.

However with that in mind, I invite you to help me expand one of my quirkier playlists; it's a set of songs I can only really call 'Camp' but they're just too much fun not to listen to especially when, like me right now, you're pretty damn chipper and in a ring-dingle hooty tophat sort of good mood.

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For me music is a very emotional thing; in now-space and in memory-space; moods uplifted or twisted from sound. So it's a very pleasant trip every now and then to wander back through music you've not listened to for a while to remember and relive how that music makes you feel, emotional memories if you will.

That's one of the problems with mp3s, I believe, although an excellent medium for storage and transit of music in general (up to a point in quality, insert disclaimer here, reverse your charges where neccessary) it doesn't have that tangeable quality of a CD/LP/Tape/Bongo, the music itself becomes even more ethereal and insubstantial. If you have a CD then you have a visual memory, a picture from the CD cover to link in memory to the sound itself. This is why picture disks were so fantastic - it made the music and audiovisual thing and why music videos should be more than just the band on stage, they should be art darling, they should help put across the ideas, concepts and visual senses that the music is trying to make you feel. Music is emotion. This is also why films like Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi are something everyone should see.

But the great thing about mp3s is that I have my entire music collection with me here at work on a box small enough to fit in my backpack. All hail random play and mp3's!


Apr. 12th, 2007 09:24 am
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The amazing Carter USM are reforming with original line up for a single date in the UK.

Tickets are Here!!!

I bought mine within 2 seconds of hearing they were playing :DDDDD
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Two new albums I have that everyone should give thought to owning.

The first is the latest album Pocket Symphony by those French Geniuses of trip hop, Air.
This album marks a departure for them from their more, hmmm, I'd hesitate to use aggressive, perhaps lively would be a better term for them. The album is much more subtle than albums before, more emphasis on softly softly, gives it a feel of almost pleasant aural sunshine bathing the mind. There are a few tracks that haven't quite clicked with me but generally the album is yet another winner as far as I'm concerned. I was surprised to find that Jarvis Cocker has assisted with some of the album, but when I found this out it actually turned out the two tracks that he'd helped with were the ones that irked me and I was having more trouble liking immediately.
This album will definitely grow (even more) on me.

The second album Classic Mushroom by Infected Mushroom stays with Electronica but validates my faith in the band as this is the first album I've bought from them; I've heard one other track by them on a very well mixed album before and caught some hints about what they can do. And they can.
Trance is a much misunderstood genre to many, to most it's a thumping repetitive bassline with some jingly beats over the top of it that grate the ears. That is the armpit of trance, the smelly side of it that anyone who likes the genre should generally cross the street away from. Those people who don't know what bass is for, what the multiple levels of sound and pitch can be; what a synergy of music on multiple levels, vocal, bass, a single recognisable sound cast into a swathe of tunes blended like a master chef. THAT is what Infected Mushroom do; yes they still use those repeating tones, which frankly I'm grateful for grounding me between the relentless curve and sway of music that would otherwise lift me off from earth zero to cloud nine.
If you have any love of electronica and trance genres you would be doing yourself a massive disservice not to at least investigate these guys, I know for certain that if their other albums are half what this is I'm buying the lot. My only regret listening to this is it isn't so loud that the entire earth is shaking with it's vibe and that dancing on my desk at work will probably get me fired or disciplined.
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There are certain things. Certain songs. They lift me up and clear my mind, send shivers down my spine and make everything around like marshmallow.
I think people at work would be very disturbed if I started to dance, but dammit it's what I want to do.
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It's a drizzly dull depressing sort of morning.

Electronica to the rescue!


Feb. 14th, 2007 08:49 am
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Last set, some good bleep at the start of the evening, lots of dancing, rah.

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