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I'm a professional cynic, but my heart's not in it.


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I'm the cousin to the sister of son's niece's brother of the uncle's daughter's father of the nephew's sister's mother and my grandpa's only cousin was the King's daughter's sibling.


Who or what I am I have no idea, I pretty much like to keep it that way. In fact I'd rather find out more things about myself that made it all the more confusing for me than have something explained.

Chaos fascinates me. My mind is a vehicle for it and when possible I like to tune it up and add an extra outboard motor to the side.

Currently looking out over the hedges beyond the garden and working out the paths available, rather than actually moving through the corners.

May contain nuts.

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a perfect framed second, adrenalin, chaos, chocolate, eyes, heartstopping moments, huge fridges of doom, ladies, love, more vodka than god, music, penguins, psychology, surprise, thoughts, waaah, writing
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