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Like the new Nintendo Wii?

How about playing it on a 388 inch screen?
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Starting around 7:30 ish, bring a game if you have one if not I have a small pile plus a poker set if need be.

For food we'll likely order out for pizza and/or chinese.
But there is always the Tescoplex nearby.
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There have been many supplements for the d20 system and until now these have all concentrated on petty, insignificant matters. Things like saving the world, becoming the most powerful mage on the planet, investigating ancient ruins and the like.

All these things pale in comparison to a new proposed system: Classwars (Or for white wolf fans, Caste: The juxtaposition)

Each of the old classes from d20 are completely thrown away, instead the new system contains the only real classes:

Classes advance, as before, by gaining experience but instead experience is earnt by non-combat activities (well, mostly)

Proletarian: Shovelling coal, moaning about the Aristocracy, maintaining a comedy accent1, wearing a flat cap, having as little money as possible, drinking beer until you pass out.
Bourgeoisie: moaning about the Proletarian or Aristocracy, pretending to do an honest days work, ordering around the Proletarian, visiting wine bars.
Aristocracy: Marrying your cousin, looking down your nose at anyone, waffling on for hours about the battle of Sevastopol, running over peasants in your carriage.

Multiclassing is also available, by marrying someone of the other class. Aristocrats can also double multiclass by marrying someone they are related to.

New class-specific feats are also introduced in this game

Proletarian: Be exploited, sense coal, tip hat, consume lager, raise whippet, produce hat from nowhere, blame everyone else, deny education
Bourgeoisie: Fill shelves, count change, sense wine bar
Aristocracy: Extend pinkie, sniff down nose, waffle endlessly, grow moustache, grow greater moustache, grow intimidating moustache, sense relative, produce cigar from nowhere

Coming to a gaming store near you soon!

1 Bonus points for Yorkshire


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