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2016-01-25 12:56 am
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Exercising the ol' muscle

Owls. )

And my word, the interface is actually; pretty nice. Reminds me suspiciously of confluence. Which actually, not a bad thing.

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2014-11-15 12:30 am


I have started a blog on the joys of vodka; if you'd be very kind and add it so it looks like someone is reading it I'd much appreciate it!

You can find it here:

Thanks! :)
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2014-01-17 01:22 pm

(no subject)

I hereby swear I will write a program called itjustfuckingcopies(cd)
This will have the masterful interface equivalent of a single red button that pops up labelled "fuckingcopythis". If you are of a delicate nature you can change the name of it to just copies or anything else and it will say "copy" or somesuch cunning way of determining if naughty words make your <insert lifeform here> cry.

Nothing else.

No. Actually it will also have a very mashable side button next to it that says "Close". Nothing witty, nothing punnish. Just close that shit down right there.

Then when you press that red button it will fucking copy what is in the cd drive.
When it has finished reading that stuff it will say "Put in blank CD"
When you do that, it fucking copies it onto that CD.
When it's done, it will say "Another?" and yes and no.

And it will be mighty and have a CLI and I shall spam it out in concept in linux if I have to.

TLDR: Took too long to copy some CDs.
But damn what happened to easy copy of a cd?

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2012-12-25 10:25 am

Merry Christmas! :)

Oh the clouds outside are frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
We're living in Yorkshire it's plain,
Let It Rain! Let It Rain! Let It Rain!

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
Into the toaster the hovis we're popping,
We've all got frightful chilblains,
Let It Rain! Let It Rain! Let It Rain!

When we finally kissed goodnight,
The cold stuck our lips together tight!
As I head out to the gathering storm,
I'm wishing that I was so warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And to the heat we're all good-bying,
To live here we must be insane,
Let It Rain! Let It Rain! Let It Rain!

Merry Christmas!
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2012-08-31 02:17 pm
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Epic level engineering

These days in any large corporation, certainly in every software company I've worked for morale, position, wages, job title and advancement are crucial factors to any employee that the HR department invariably gets wrong.

One of the problems is that for most companies advancement "up the chain" is usually only via becoming a manager, it goes something like this.

Bob is an excellent engineer, Bob is promoted to senior Engineer.
Bob is an excellent senior Engineer, Bob is promoted to Management.
Bob has a rotten time and hates his job and quits.

Very rarely there is any kind of concept of advancement for engineers beyond graduate, engineer, senior engineer, architect. Once you hit senior engineer there's only architect to go to, and once you hit architect you're probably doing management.

These roles are also hideously ill-defined; often senior engineers are expected to project/product manage and this is hardly reflected in their job specification.
It's all very confusing, annoying and - frankly - archaic.
So what is there to do? What can we replace it with? What can we possibly use to model our job titles, rewards and goals on that todays engineer can understand.

Easy. MMORPGs.

Hear me out here; it all makes sense, and is pretty damn easy.
Instead of jumping to senior engineer from engineer you are an engineer with a LEVEL, at different levels you are expected to do certain things, you are awarded JXP (Job XP) as you do well which will advance you towards your next LEVEL, (and therefore pay grade) as well as Extra responsibilities.
For example;
A level 1 engineer is allowed to modify existing code, make check-ins only after peer review and authorisation from a level 10 engineer or higher. They can raise bugs but not close them. ETC.
A level 10 engineer can modify existing code, create their own modules, check-in after peer review and can close bugs.
Higher level grants you more responsibilities, more abilities, indeed these could also be granted in skill trees (coding, check ins, design, etc) that are granted as you level.

So a level 1 engineer must have skills of at least coding 1, check-ins 1, design 1
A level 10 engineer must have to have coding 10, checkin 10, design 10 (or whatever)

So rather than XP you could even have it as a skill based advancement system!

But what about titles? Easy. At certain levels you get a new title. A level 1-5 engineer could be a graduate, levels 6-10 is an engineer, 11-15 senior, 16-20 principal, 21-25 elite, 26-30 epic and so on...

Wouldn't you want your official company title to be "Epic Engineer" ?

But what about bonuses, I hear you cry (down voices, DOWN!)
Easy - quests!

Complete a quest in order to get a bonus; or a set amount of XP towards your bonus (BXP)
So for a full bonus every half year you would need, say, 2000 BXP; your manager sets you the following goals
1000 BXP - Complete project A
500 BXP - Update wiki pages
500 BXP - Complete docs for project B

Scalable, measureable goals. Depending on what you complete depends on how much of the maximum bonus you get.

But there's more, oh yes!

What if you DO want to be management as well?
Well, simple - MULTI CLASSING (Or multiple skill branch requirements)
You start some levels in Manager and advance those instead, with similar progress requirements.

That's the plan, anyway - so if I ever start a company I'm going to be a Level 100 Epic President.

Then I can start working towards class titles ;)
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2012-07-25 05:04 pm

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I've been pondering what the Olympic opening ceremony should be after [ profile] madwitch posted about the opening ceremony.

Currently my best suggestion is that Brian Blessed, dressed as prince Vultan swoops down from a blimp wearing a wingsuit screaming "DIIIIIIIIIIVEEEE" snatches Excalibur from the hand of a glowing woman standing in a pond and zooms over to light the Olympic torch with it as it fzzzzt's a-la-lightsabre.

At that point everything should explode.

Any better suggestions?
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2010-06-17 08:59 am

More stuff up for grabs...

High backed leather office chair, small rip in seat: £ Free.
(Can drop off in Cambridge area if needed)

King sized Argos wooden slat bed + Mattress; will require deconstruction and then reconstruction! £ 20
(Pick up by preference, but can probably deliver (Cambridge area), but then it's down to you to work out how to build it!)
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2010-06-11 06:24 pm
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When it's gotta go...

As promised; the great frock coat sell off!

Attempt 2! Better pictures this time, thank you natural light.

Stuff for sale is here

Comment here if you're interested in anything.
I'll do measurements if you want to know any dimensions.
I'd recommend you 'try before you buy' to make sure they fit!
I also reserve the right to chicken out on individual items and decide I can't live without them after all!

Also up for grabs (collect or deliver in Cambridge area)
Microsoft Force Feedback Sidewinder 2 Joystick: £5
2 Battered old sony speakers: £Free
Goodmans combo CRT DVD/TV 17(?)" + Remote: £10
DAB Digital Radio: £5

First come-first served; I'm a bit reluctant to post things (as I want to make sure stuff fits!)
But I'm sure I can sort it out if you want
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2009-08-07 07:12 am
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Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

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A pair of parrots riding a moped.
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2009-06-29 08:42 am
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You're not the only one

So; My weekend had killer clowns, guns, chocolate cake, psychic experiences, control of the entire universe, armageddon, evolution of a new dominant life form, destruction of the bio-threat, hiring of minions, equation of characters, signing of declaration, observation of perfection, determination of finality, subtraction of evil, fifth person perspective, godzilla, high stakes, low rolls and far too much heat.

A pretty good time by all accounts; and it led to...

[Poll #1422705]
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2009-06-28 07:32 am
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Partial repress

That reminds me you know.

Acronyms that don't deliver. Or rather, perhaps their over use. Communication is a tricky weasel, sometimes you think you've got it by the tail but then after you release it to slink through the grass of freedom it doesn't quite deliver the trouser experience you were intending, because that's ferrets.


I think, I think it's time for new acroymns to express the real levels of actual amusement out there, let's stick with one emotion for the time being, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that malarky.

But I'll batter up on a biggy, hilarity. Oh yes, the lols1, the rotflmao and the lpmt2.
They're just not representative; I defy anyone who has used rotflmao to say that before typing that they were actually doing what they said they were.
So my, admittedly, less snappy4 proposals are:

aas - Appreciative Amused Snort5
ghc - Genuine Hearty Chuckle
htcmml - had to cover my mouth laughing9

and, a close contenor to aas for my favourite

itihml - I Think I Hurt Myself Laughing

T minus 1:17 to cow juice. Dammit.


icsyonamts7 - i could say yes or no and mean the same

1 lower case quite deliberately, they're a bit too loud for this time in the morning8 see, that's another thing to tackle already, right there - I'll get back to that one.
2 not quite, can't remember this one - it's new to me but can't remember what it is exactly. It tickled me though, feathers are a forte for it.
4 Probably. Still in concept at this stage...
5 I like where this is going
9 Note to self: Elcor.
8 Capitals. No deposit.
7 far far too long
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2009-06-02 09:35 am


LD4 2 trailer!!

Does seem a little early mind...
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2009-05-03 01:49 am

(no subject)

Llama vodka sweet child dancing even morevodka inthe typing moment past the clapping do the rumboid in no mind the tulip past the head bang it bounces upand chorus rocks the solo past stars over water rippling in reflective introspection.
It makes sense when the chorus ends
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2009-03-08 02:05 am
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2009-01-17 08:28 pm

Six foot tall inflatable godzilla

Nineteen ninety humphmarumpharuphm, University, I'm walking down the high street from the university street and that ol' dusty cd emporium which I swear was swallowed into the nth dimension when it left. No really, I saw the floud of fliers coming down from the sky.
But there it was. Eighty yards short of the MacDonalds where we did milkshake juggling for fun and profit.
Six feet tall.
In a box.
In a window.
Of that shop that sold lego.
And paint.
And all those old humbol joys that you used to spend ages on, I never trusted airfix, strangely enough.
But no.
None of that.
In the window.
Six fucking feet tall.
20 quid, was it thirty? Damn lot of money those days. But still.
What couldn't you achieve in life?
What couldn't you do, crush beneath your mighty radioactive feet?
As a six foot godzilla.
Taller if he wore heels.
I mean, that's three stories.
So that must be three inches.
Which ain't much in a hell, be honest.
Godzilla could handle a six inch heel.
So three would just make him six foot three.
In heels.

But I bought pringles instead.

And so [ profile] toothfairy bought me a six foot tall inflatable godzilla.
She rocks and wins at girlfriend-ness so much :)
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2009-01-05 01:54 pm
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The number you were first thinking of

We were made from disused carbon packet hamstrings, woven in three piece shirts that draped themselves across us in lazy Styrofoam smiles. Eyes flowing like brick cast marshmallows seized the nape of their woollen dreams and sealed them tight against the harsh mood lighting of the winter’s morning. Then beyond this, past the eclipse dotted worries we rode on beams of pure castanet, not a single peak or leaf wound or fuelled save to point the ways out of the milestone hued lapse of thought. The crumbling never materialised, crunching down to the core of the sugarbowl it snared unwary travellers and supped their hairstyles on sweetly tuned misapprehension.
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2008-12-12 10:53 am

Jingle bleeps!

I'll not be DJing on Tuesday at the Calling, be forewarned!
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2008-10-09 12:45 pm
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Here goes...

I've signed up for NaNoWriMo...