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That reminds me you know.

Acronyms that don't deliver. Or rather, perhaps their over use. Communication is a tricky weasel, sometimes you think you've got it by the tail but then after you release it to slink through the grass of freedom it doesn't quite deliver the trouser experience you were intending, because that's ferrets.


I think, I think it's time for new acroymns to express the real levels of actual amusement out there, let's stick with one emotion for the time being, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that malarky.

But I'll batter up on a biggy, hilarity. Oh yes, the lols1, the rotflmao and the lpmt2.
They're just not representative; I defy anyone who has used rotflmao to say that before typing that they were actually doing what they said they were.
So my, admittedly, less snappy4 proposals are:

aas - Appreciative Amused Snort5
ghc - Genuine Hearty Chuckle
htcmml - had to cover my mouth laughing9

and, a close contenor to aas for my favourite

itihml - I Think I Hurt Myself Laughing

T minus 1:17 to cow juice. Dammit.


icsyonamts7 - i could say yes or no and mean the same

1 lower case quite deliberately, they're a bit too loud for this time in the morning8 see, that's another thing to tackle already, right there - I'll get back to that one.
2 not quite, can't remember this one - it's new to me but can't remember what it is exactly. It tickled me though, feathers are a forte for it.
4 Probably. Still in concept at this stage...
5 I like where this is going
9 Note to self: Elcor.
8 Capitals. No deposit.
7 far far too long
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